From the outside looking in it can be difficult to discern the cost of breeding a well-bred doodle. For more on that, please read my other blog “Costs of Raising a Litter Right”. Still, sometimes families want/need to negotiate the price of a puppy. I get it, afterall a puppy does not come with a ready-to-scan barcode like a grocery store item. It is not unreasonable to ask if a breeder will take less. However, most reputable breeders have a set price and do not negotiate.


When a family negotiates the price, they are actually asking to negotiate the cost of acquiring parent dogs’, their health tests, the effort put into training and evaluating parent dogs, the costs needed to have a clean and healthy environment to raise pups, the sleepless nights of whelping a new litter, and the incredible amount of time and energy spent caring for the pups. A breeder is left to wonder which of these is worthy to skimp on. My answer, none. Producing a well-bred and quality puppy necessitates a higher fee for the responsible breeder to recoup their costs. Reputable breeders believe and stand by the quality of the pups they produce. What health guarantee would be offered if they didn’t? They have put their blood, sweat, and tears of joy (and sadness, because let’s face it Mother Nature answers to no one) into their furbabies and believe their fee reflects the quality.


There are some alternatives if you’re still wanting to bring a great puppy dog home on a budget. First, you can volunteer at your local shelter indefinitely and get your “dog fix” without any commitment and the animals will love you for it. A second option is adoption. There are many worthy companions in need of a home, why not with you? Check in often and keep at it until you find your match. Third, if you have your heart set on a specific breed, check out rescues and classifieds. Please read my blog “How to Avoid Puppy Scams” ( before doing this, though! Fourth, look for another breeder (but know that you usually get what you pay for). Fifth, anticipate saving. Most reputable breeders have a lengthy waiting period anyway. A quality pup is worth the wait!! Lastly, if you have an extenuating circumstance such as you’re looking to acquire your pet for a person with a disability, or are in the military or work as either a police officer, firefighter, in healthcare or therapy, or a teacher, then many breeders have a discount that they offer. It is worth asking! Good luck on your puppy journey and be sure to comment!