Doodle generations explained…

Please note* Paw Haven Puppies only breeds F1B OR later (MultiGen) doodles.

​MultiGen (Multi-Generational)

A MultiGen doodle is a result of breeding a MultiGen doodle to another doodle that is F1B or a later Gen.

*Properly bred MultiGen* doodle puppies are all non-shedding and hypoallergenic. Responsible breeders take all measures (such as proof of lineage and genetic/DNA testing) to avoid in-breeding that is commonly found in poor breeding practices of MultiGen puppies.

F1 (First Generation)

An F1 doodle is a Poodle crossed with another breed (Bernese/OES/Golden Retriever/etc).

F1’s are NOT a preferable generation and as such Paw Haven Puppies does NOT breed F1 puppies for this reason. These can be moderate to high-shedding puppies, and puppies often present improper coats. Additionally, this generation is NOT recommended for allergy sufferers. If you have to allergies or desire a low to a non-shedding dog, you will want an F1b or MultiGen.​​

F1b (First Gen. Backcross)

An F1b doodle is an F1 doodle bred to a poodle.

*Properly bred F1b’s* are low to non-shedding doodles. This is ensured through coat testing. Puppies will be curly-coated or wavy-coated depending on the breeding pairs’ testing. This generation is suitable for those with moderate to severe allergies.​​ We also offer a T-shirt test for allergy sufferers. Paw Haven Puppies families with allergies have had great success with this generation.

F2 (Second Generation​)

An F2 Doodle is an F1 doodle bred to another F1 doodle.

These are NOT recommended as this generation is breeding BACK IN the qualities that are specifically BRED OUT to achieve a doodle in the first place. Completely counterproductive breeding, Paw Haven Puppies are never bred as F2’s. Additionally, responsible breeders do not breed this generation, and for good reason! In litters of F2 doodles, many of the puppies will have improper and undesirable coats that are high shedding and look like the pure-bred counterpart. Since they are high shedding they are terrible for allergy sufferers.​​

If you would like more in-depth information on this matter, please check out this link

You can also call or peek at the website of one of the many genetics labs countrywide.