Thanks for your interest in becoming a Paw Haven Puppies’ Guardian! We grant our guardians the opportunity to own a top-quality, pick-of the-litter puppy for a fraction of the fee.

In exchange for you creating a loving and forever home for the puppy, while in the breeding program we take care of all basic health care and vaccinations and all vet appointments relating to the participation of the breeding of the dog.

You also get favorable grooming times with our local groomer, and for being a guardian for one of our females, you get the added bonus of 2 months of free boarding while she is whelping and raising her puppies!

Once the dog is retired from the program and is spayed/neutered you will receive full ownership of the dog.

The fee for a guardian dog is $500

Who benefits from this program?

  • The Dogs

    Being in guardian homes allows our dogs to receive the best socialization and one-on-one attention that makes them superior parents. Not one of our dogs will ever have to experience life being kenneled up all day and none of our dogs will be left wanting for the full experience in life. Being happy and healthy dogs allows them to be happy and healthy parents!

  • Families Like You

    Guardian families will get the dog of their dreams, the best of the litter, to love and care for at a hugely discounted fee. Our adoption fees can be upward of $3,500, that is significantly greater than the $500 guardian fee. In exchange for a short portion of the dog’s life spent breeding/raising pups in a very safe and loving environment, you get a wonderful companion!

  • Paw Haven Puppies

    As a breeder, we want the best for our dogs. We would never want to compromise their overall enrichment by keeping them all to ourselves. Ethically, it would not be wise to keep them all in our home, though it’s hard not to sometimes! We love our dogs and know that their best lives are where they get one-on-one love and affection. Happy parents = happy offspring. It’s a win-win-win!

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