Hi there! I wanted to address something that I frequently get questioned about. These questions come in the form of training or socialization. In my opinion, these two topics overlap. They are not necessarily separate or independent of one another but are rather two sides of the same coin. But prior to arriving at the point that these questions come in to play, first things first…

Many times, potential puppy owners do not consider the type of breed or program a breeder offers as part of their criteria in selecting a pup. Criteria limited to cuteness, price, or location of the breeder exclude a huge portion of some of the most important and influential factors in a pup’s life.

One thing I would initially ask is what breed someone is hoping for. This is imperative to set a foundation for successful ownership. I get a bit leery of an individual who is picking a dog based on looks without considering one thing about the breed’s needs, traits, or attributes. Each breed has something different to offer. And each person has a lifestyle that could be highly preferential for a particular breed or be detrimental to their best potential. It’s important to pick a dog that will compliment your lifestyle as well as one that will be able to thrive in the environment you can offer. More on breed differences can be found in my other blog entry ‘Difference in Breeds’.

Once a breed of dog has been chosen that will best fit you and your lifestyle, it is important to look at a breeder’s “why” in the dogs they’ve chosen to breed. If the answer is looks, then looks is about all the dog may have to offer. Sound breeding will be based on health, temperament, and aim to honor the breed-specific traits. These are laid in place well before potential owners enter the picture so it’s important to ask the breeder, “tell me about the parents”. Though there are indeed standards found among breeds, each dog is individual and unique. This will help you to understand your potential pup’s personality and behavior.

Now that you’ve chosen your breed and have found the parents desirable, you need to look at the socialization and training that the breeder offers to their pups. This is where it’s important to note that these work in unison with one another. Socialization and training are relationship-based. This is true in day one and throughout a dog’s life. A breeder who is properly offering these things will have a relationship with each puppy that they helped to create and raise. They will know each pup’s quirks and inclinations well before making their way into your home.

Paw Haven Puppies offers a socialization and training program with an aim to create the best footing for each pup. This is a dedicated, daily effort, and is both litter and individually based. Each pup is handled, cared for, encouraged, watched, taught, and provided with many new things to experience, react to, and opportunities to exhibit desired manners. All of this is with an emphasis on trust, love, and care to bring out their confidence and personality. Additionally, we are here to help encourage, educate, and assist owners in carrying this on for the lifetime of every pup.

When it comes to matters of socialization and training, hopefully, your pup has not only experienced a variety of people and situations in both their breeder’s and your care but has done so with the required expectations placed upon them to exhibit the desired behaviors and manners correlating with them. But again, with all training *relationship is key*. This can be a wonderful tool to grow close with your pup. Ultimately, if your aim is strictly outcome and execution-only, the joy of making training a fun game of trust and bonding will leave the socialization that every pup needs lacking.